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Neb's app by CarryePie2
Neb's app
I made a new baby! and she is so pretty! 
If you want to rp, it me up on my skype. Its Carrye Pieper
I got around to adding some flaws of her to her personalty. I felt like she was needing some flaws. 
I will organized some of the stuff better... later. 

name: Neb-Het Shamoon

Green witch
(Its a witch of nature)

Gender: Female

Age: 25 (I know know why it said 15... wtf)) 

Height: 5'3

Weight: A lady never tells

Sexual orientation:

Affiliation: Unaffiliated


Neb is a caring kind of person. She works as a healer and won't turn away anyone but most stay away from her and she is ok with that. She is not the social butterfly and tends to keep quite. She tends to talk to her self a lot and a lot of things she would say don't make since. She prefers the company of animals and plants more then people. If you come to her and ask to learn magic she would kick you to the curve faster then you could blink. She doesn't like other magic users for reasons she doesn't want to get into. But she does have this odd thing about here. If she sees anyone that is hurting, she will invite them into her house and offer them some tea and listen to their problems. Or if they are really hurting(Like really badly)  she will bring in her magic and "drug" them in to being happy and help them feel better (like she will drug you to make you happy. It's the poppies. watch out for the poppies)  (note: I'll think of some more later.) She tends to wear he heart on her sleeves, with can become her down fall or her good points. She tends to over think things sometimes with it come to people and let's fear get the better of her.  

Likes: Plants, animals, being left alone, Her garden, nature.
Dislikes: she HATES the city, to many building and not enough trees (she lives on the side squirts of the city. more to the forest part of the city.) other magic users, being asked "can you fly on a broom", people who disregard nature.  

To the outside, Neb-Het looks like mystery of some kind. A young witch, with the ability of understanding plants and animals. Talking to them, laughing with them as though they were people. The witch with the two different colored eyes, that never comes into the city, going for walks at odd hours of the day or night. Some what of a mystery, but is that true? Did she lose her parents a young age? Did she make a contract with some demon for her powers? Is she on the run from some so called witch hunter? Did she have a childhood rip away from here? Well the answer is, No. None of that is true.
In truth, Neb's life up until down has been pretty... boring or as she would call it, Normal. Both of her parents are alive and well, as well as her grandmother. No they are not separated, still together and in love. Neb-Het comes from a long line of witches and  wizards, some were better then most, but in all, Neb-Het's life growing up was normal. Normal enough for someone who had magic in her family and her town knew it. Parents would tell their children not to play with her, for the fear of their child turning into frogs or something. Neb-Het comes to understand that people were scared of things that were different, did that leave her bitter? maybe? She never really thought of it like that.  Well what is done is done, as her grandmother would say. 
She would spent most of her young life in the forest near her house, away from the out side world that would cant "witch, witch, your a witch" when ever she stepped out. This is were she made a different kind of friends. Those friends were the plants, the animals. It was like something from a Disney movie.
This was her life, In the morning, lessons with her mother, father or grandmother over magics and other stuff, she didn't have to go to school. Her afternoons were spent in the forest, with her friends. This was her life, until she reached the age of one would go into high school when she meet other witches and wizards. Her father took to her to a witches circle and it is there were she meet her sisters of the craft. A story she would be happy to tell.
So in all, Neb-Het's life has been normal. She is just wanting to get away from her family and spread her wing and live on her own. Nothing to dramatic, just normal, for a witch.  


Weapon: None

When some one is hurt, she dos not ask questions, she acts
Her knowledge about trees.... it helps... ish. 

(I need to think of some bad ass sounding names for her healing stuff and her nature magic. But that's all it really is.) 

She can understand animals and plants and they can understand her. 

Weakness: Toxin. (she thrives on nature, like fresh air. She can't stay in unclean air for long periods of time. like a plant.) 

(PEOPLE!!! She is taken. Stop flirting with her. You know who I am talking to. =.= )) 

♥ Sexual Orientation: Pans

♥ Status: She is taken 

♥ Significant Other: David- HorizonAllure 

♥ Current Attraction[s]: Her Vampire boyfriend

♥ Family:
Her Mama 
and her Papa

Were is she Living:
She is living with her fiance (David) right now. 

(I don't like doing the color dot thing. I like writing out how they meet, Neb's thoughts on them and were their relationship is. Some friendships can't be told through a colored dot. If I miss spell any of your character's name. Let me know. I do most of this from memory. I don't look shit up most of the time or I can't spell most of the time.) 

Davidov (David)- HorizonAllure 
    When Neb-Het met David, he scared her so badly she swears to the gods and goddess that she jumped over the moon. They didn't get each other names until they meat for a second time. When Neb-Het was going to cheek up on an old oak tree were people go to end their lives  that was in The Feral's territory.  She didn't know at the time about the underground societies.  So here Nebs is walking in a dark woods, at night, with a dude she doesn't know the name of. So her responds was "Oh yea... My name is Neb-Het. Every part of me is telling me this is a bad idea so instead of ruining way  and screaming bloody murder, I am going to tell you my name and hope that everything goes well!" (Neb logic) and they hit it off. The more they talked the more Neb was liking the vampire. He watched her talk to a freaking tree and did not run for the hills like most do. He saved her twice from his crazy sack of cats, sister. So Does she have a little bit of a crush on the blond vampire.. Maybe? She really confused about him. 
    Nebs thoughts: "David?" she looks down with a pink tent on her cheeks. There was a light laugh "I-" she laughs more, but its a bit more awkward. "He scared so badly I jumped over the moon when I first saw him... but now.." The brown haired witch pulls at her over sized sweater sleeves "He saw me talk to a tree.... Most people would think I am crazy for that.... and then. He saved me...." She moves some of her hair out of her face.  "Twice.... From his crazy bag of cats of a sister." She looks up and leans back "I think... I like him.... I... I don't know..." She bits her lip before talking again "I... I don't if he likes me in that way...." She shakes her head "I am so confused." she puts her one of her hands to mouth and nose "But we are part of the "Our names mean corny stuff" club" she said with a laugh. 

"I-I.....I.... I like him a lot.... like a lot a lot." Kaori Fujimiya (Total Shyness) [V1]   (Translation: He's my vampire fiance (YES I SAID FIANCE!!!!)

Gabriella: HorizonAllure 
    She only met her two time... and she scares her. If David had not been there both times... She does not want to think about what happen. Neb-Het has never seen anyone.... with such disregard for the life around her (she is Wicca ( if you guys want to learn about it.). She knows that she is David's sister and leader of The Feral. She had attacked her and bit her neck, it was thinks to David that Neb was able to walk way. 
    Neb's thoughts: "Gabriella?"  the witch looks off to the side her hands moves to her arms and she rubs them to gain warmth or something of protection. "She.... She is Terrifying. I-" The words get stuck in Nebs mouth "I never seen anyone who would treat another living being like that...." she sighs "Maybe... If I was stronger.... I could have..." she look up "Lets not talk about this anymore."

Blaike: MysticAzelf 
    They met at a farmers market over potatoes that had bugs in them. He bump in to her and that's how everything got started. They really hit it off when she was telling him about the potatoes he was looking at had bugs in them before anyone else knew. Her magic nature magic at work, no question about it. But everything was not the smooth sailing. She somehow said something that ended up with her stepping on thorns and with every word she let out of her lips, only made it worse. It was until the subject of Blaike's girlfriend was brought up that saved her from stepping on any more thorns. Well that and apples. And once the blue eye reaper started to talk about his girlfriend, Kai, she felt like she had meet her all ready. The two of them are friends, and she really wants Blaike to bring Kai over to her house so she can meet her in person and have like a lunch or something. Also, so she can show Blaike what a real garden looks like. 
    Nebs thoughts: "Blaike? The Brown hair reaper withe the blue eyes? Bunny clip? Needs a hair cut?" she said with a laugh. she had a smile on her face "I... I never seen a soul that much in love with their Significant Other." She rest her head on the palm of her hand "Makes me a bit home sick. They remind me of how my Papa looks at my Mama. (Yes Neb's calls her Mom "Mama" and her Dad "Papa") "I should call them later. Knowing them... If I don't call every day, they think I am dead." She said with a laugh. "I would very much like to have them over one day, for like a lunch thing or something." 

Amsterdam: MidAndEnd
    Neb-Het met this little bundle of energy when she was checking up on a bird nest then they went out for ice cream. Well the ice cream came after Amsterdam got a bruise and acted like it was the end of the world. Neb-Het had never seen this before and for once, she had no idea how to react to this. In the end, everything turned out all right.    
    Neb's thoughts: "Amsterdam? She is... something" she leans back to think. "She never seen a bruise before and that strikes me as odd..." she look up "and her mother left her there.... Something is not adding up." Neb sits normal and looks off to the side "She is really nice and kind." there was a smile "Next time we go out for a girls day, ice cream is on me." 

Miguel: @ DaymantheHSL
    Neb-Het met him on one of her walks in the woods. At the time she was looking after a family of  bears in the area. Miguel had chased off the bears and that REALLY PISSED HER OFF. (Don't mess with Neb's animals.) Then he started to ask her all kinds of questions on why she is out in the woods at this hour. As it got later, she had to go home and was more then happy to get away from him. 
    Neb thoughts:  "Miguel Romaro?" she looked annoyed by the just saying his name "He rubs me the wrong way." She leans forward to hold up her hand as she counts off the things about him that bug her "He asks to many questions to start with. If I am out in the wood minding my own business and he was like "Hey" like he knows me or something. Then he chased off one of my friends. Yes they are bears but still. Don't mess with my animals. Then he keep asking what I am" Neb-Het gestures to her body "Do I look like I have anything going on? Because last time I looked, I looked like a normal human." She sighs "I don't like him." 

Sky Mochizuki
`These two are friends... ish... They met when Sky first moved to the city and needed some help picking out an area to live. Sky wanted a place that was try and far away from water. Neb, being a kind person, helped her and let her stay in her small house for a bit. Neb dos not agree with a lot of Sky does and its the same with Sky, but they respect each other and lets leave it at that. 

Leon: ZeroEnding
    He called her out of the blue about a cures. Feeling like she should help him she meet him in a park at noon. When they met up she told him that she could not break the curse and for some reason no matter what she said could get thorough him. She tried to find out more about the curse to find what kind of curse, Witches do not curse for no reason and when she asked why the witch cast the curse, he said something about burning the witches house down she asked why. That when he got annoying. Asking her what school she went to, trying to contact the dead. So She said that she could not break the curse. Neb gave him a warning about staying for to long for the fact they were in the The Feral's land. She escort him him making sure no blood was lost. 
    Neb's Thoughts: "Leon? The rude so called Knight? The kid that knows nothing of what truly happened with the witches?" she asked as she crosses her arms over her chest. " He an idiot. One should really know what they speak of before it leave their lips. One dose not contact the dead with out bring something unwelcome along." she leans back "he should really look in to what really happened." She sighs "I'm just glad that Gabriella or worse, David didn't get to him." 
Extra Information:
She lives on the outskirts of the city
(note this one is about killing one self so you may want to skip this if this bothers you. and this is base off a real place.) She lives near a tree were lots of people come to end their lives, she often comes out and talks to them and offer them a cup of tea. She all so offers them a shoulder to cry on and help to make them feel better. If they take their life, it was what they picked. If they don't, she sends them home with some fruits from her garden and tells them "come talk to me if you need anything or a shoulder to cry on." 
Her house is always filled with animals, some are birds, some are cats, if you can find it in the forest, its in her house.(note: they are wild animals, but Neb being a witch of nature they are drawn to her. She has been hurt by these kind of animals before so she knows how to deal with a wild lynx,bobcat,fox,coyote etc. coming in to her house. If you see any wild animals (not including your siblings) in your house. GTFO and call someone.)  
(ill add more stuff later)
What she wears: Its mostly long skirts and go down to her ankles and over size sweaters that all was fall down one of her shoulders.  
She doesn't eat meat
She doesn't drink soda or anything artificial. The sugar they use in sodas or anything like that makes her want to throw up. 
She has this weird obsession with feathers and dream catchers. They are ALL OVER her house
She has one of those flip phones, she does't understand the reason for having a phone that is smarter then you.
She cant stay in the city for long periods of times. The air is toxic to her, She can spend about few hours in the city at most. At first it will make her have a headache, if she stays longer, she will get really sick. (like she will throw up and get pale, its not pretty.)
Her Familiar is a bran owl named: Thoth (and he can bit of dick according to Neb)
She is an Introvert! (Like me XD)  
Her religion is Wicca. ( Look it up. ) For me to under stand it more. I had to email someone to explain it to me. I go all out for my characters and I when it comes to stuff like religion, culture, etc. I want to get things right so I don't offend anyone, and hopefully help other people learn stuff too.)    
there is a lot of "I'll add more stuff later" here XD

Sky app by CarryePie2
Sky app
I said I would only have 1 character for the group... I lied... Bring back an old baby of mine. My little bitchy dragon. 

Name: Sky Mochizuki

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5'3

Weight: not telling

Sexual orientation: She is pans

Affiliation:  Unaffiliated
She not dealing with that shit 

She has calm down a lot from her younger days, that may be thanks to the anger management classes she been taking. She will still break someone's nose when they piss her off (looks at her boyfriend) 
She is Vain, Prideful, self centered. Lives by the motto "Look out for your self. If not my job to look after you"
    but she does have a good heart. Once someone gets her trust, She your best bitch friend XD 
But she is smart, quick to think, thinks out side the box, quick wit and a sharp tong. 
She is blunt, dose not sugar coat thing and tells you to you straight. If she wants you to leave, she will tell you to leave. She can be persuasive
very much a 
narcissistic attitude. 

Her job
spicy food
Game of Thrones
Romance novels (In the closet about it.)
warm weather

When people go out of their way to prove they are right
The fact her boyfriend is in one of the gangs (it makes her worry Who else can she call an asshole and agree?)
When she is pined up against a wall. (in both ways)
Not meeting her sales goals. 
cold weather

Sky history is something that she does not want to talk about it. Her father was killed, she watched it happened. Kidd napped by her fathers murder and had things done to her. Its over and done with, She just wants to move on from it. Sky just wants to forget about it. On her run away from what happen, She joined a school call "Full Moon Bites". A school were supernaturals could go to. There she met lots of people and a demon that pissed her off like nothing else. Even broke his nose for calling her babe. Best way of meeting your boyfriend. It was months later were she had to run again thanks to her past catching up. In the dead of the night, she just left. When she entered a new school she found him again. Stalker much. They have a love hate thing going on. Things came to a bitter sweet end when he was like "go out with me" and she ran. He didn't get a reply back for 6 months but like everything before. She ran away but this was the last time. She faced her past and lets just say "Shit happen" and  now she just wants to live a normal life.


Weapon: None 


She is a lot stronger then she looks (she can lift her boyfriend over her head)
She can take a hit and hit just as hard
The fact she tells how things are. If things are going to hell. She will say "Shit is going to hell"

She bleeds and get tired like every living thing.
when her anger gets the better of her.


Sexual Orientation: Pans

♥ Status: Sorry peeps She is taken.

♥ Significant Other: Bullte (The asshole) ( thecomicslover263 demon/asshole baby)

♥ Current Attraction[s]: idk

♥ Family:
Drake (her younger twin brother, were he is, she has no idea.) 
Mother (unknown)
Father: (dead)

    These two go way back. It was back when she was all "Bitch Bitch Bitch" as she likes to call it. This is when she broke his nose for calling her babe, something she did not like. They had an off and on thing for who knows how long. When Bullte said he had feelings for Sky. She ran away from 6 months. Why? Well.... Feelings are scary for her. She had no idea what to do. So she ran. But in all. She may be the only one to call him an ass hole and not get punched by him for doing it. She keeps him calm and from breaking shit. They round each other out 

    These two are not the best of friends. They wont braid each other hair and do each other nails.  They put up with each other, but they are what you call friends (ish). 

Leon ZeroEnding
    He came in one day at her work and was having a bad say. He told her about the curse on his family and gave him Neb's cellphone number thinking it would help him, or help her reach her sales goal of the day. He then bought some cd and was off. But as luck would have it he forgot his wallet so she hold it for him really in need of reaching her goal.
    Sky thoughts: "Leon? He the dude with the shitty ass cape right?" She leans on a near by wall "He really needs to look at how he dresses. Just screams "Hey come rob me"" She says in a loud voice with a chuckle at the end "But he really needs to know what the fuck normal money is. Most people would eat him alive."
Extra info
~She works at a music store

((coming soon)) 

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photos will be posted when I can. They will be on my tumblr, Instagram, and facebook (I now have a face book but don't think  will be using it that much. XD))


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